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  • Over 30 Years Experience We have been providing Leicestershire and Warwickshire customers with exceptional landscape gardening services for many years.
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Tree Felling In Hinckley, Leicestershire & Surrounding Areas

We are experienced experts when it comes to providing tree felling in Hinckley and throughout Leicestershire. We have been providing our professional services to the area for over 30 years and are a highly recommended team of local tree fellers. We understand that tree felling is a difficult task that can be dangerous if you do not have the required skills, experience and equipment to safely carry out the task. Our experience and training guarantees that we will provide you with a very safe tree felling and removal service.

All trees will be safely cut down before root removal. If you require tree removal, we will firstly cut down the tree, then dig down to get to the root. Alternatively, we can cut the tree down and grind the stump down to ground level. Options can be discussed during the free no-obligation quote to ensure that you benefit from the service you require at a price we can agree on.

As well as providing tree felling in Hinckley, we can also provide you with hedge removal. This service is very popular with homeowners that are looking to replace hedge boundaries with a new fence. Whilst hedges are aesthetically pleasing in the garden, they do require maintenance which is why many people decide to remove hedges and replace them with an alternative boundary.

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Tree Specialist captured during Tree Felling

Should I Hire A Professional For My Tree Felling & Removal?

We always advise that anyone looking to remove a tree hires a professional. It is a task that requires skills, and if done incorrectly the consequences can be fatal for both the person removing the tree and the environment surrounding the tree. On top of this, if the job is inefficiently completed, the tree could grow back which will result in more time, and most likely further expense to cut down and remove the tree again. By hiring a professional, you are guaranteed to effectively remove the tree and will not suffer from the tree unexpectedly growing back. All for a one of competitive price from a friendly service.

Do You Provide Your Services For Businesses?

Our tree felling in Hinckley is available for both businesses and homeowners. Many businesses benefit from our skills when it comes to removing trees. Clearing an area of large trees can have a positive impact on the overall appearance of an area. We take care to ensure that when we remove a tree that the area surrounding the operation is safe to ensure no issues arise. Our skills are also available to homeowners that require tree removal from their front or back garden. Any trees that are being removed must be within the business/homeowners boundary.

If you are ready to hire Outback Landscape for your tree felling and removal, contact us today. Our friendly team of experienced tree surgeons will be able to fully assess the tree that you need removing or cutting down. We take extra care to ensure that the tree is cut down or removed safely and we always remove any branches or debris from the property once the job is complete. All wastage is cleared and tipped within the rules and regulations and done so on the day that we complete the task.